This mother-heroine has carried her paralyzed heir for already 59 years

This heroic and bighearted woman named Olga Bokovi has successfully proved the immense power of maternal love. At the age of 77, she still carries her paralyzed son on her back.

Olga’s husband left her when she was pregnant and when the woman was about to give birth, she became known that her poor son would be paralyzed till the end of his days. Many advised her to leave the baby but the gentle-hearted mother refused to abandon her newborn baby and soon took him home. Then she sent him to school so that the boy would be accompanied with others, learn how to behave in society and make friends.

When he grew older, he learnt how to make wonderful wooden crafts with the help of his one hand and gave them to the poor and the needy. Even when he has grown up an adult man, Olga still continues taking care and carrying him on her back.