A workplace functions best when the boss and their employees have mutual respect for one another. Otherwise, it can turn into a cesspool of toxicity. But, there are always signs when things are about to go wrong. So, if you keep a track of such signs, you would find it easy to quit. For, there have been many cases of individuals not being able to leave the company- even after their mental peace has been frayed. Here are 20 clear examples where the sign is clear that the employees must jump ship:

  1. Too Many Regulations And Rules:
  2. A Futile Attempt To Hide Paying Minimum Wage:
  3. Firing The Whole Store Via E-Mail:
  4. The Boss Promised To Be Mindful Of Availability While Hiring But Still Called Everyone On A Saturday:
  5. Confusion Over Lack Of Staff While Paying Minimum Wage:
  6. A Broken “Product”, Meaning Even A Cone, Will Have To Be Paid For:
  7. This Manager Blamed Everyone And Everything, Offered Low Wages, And Even Threatened To Press Charges If The Paper Gets Taken:
  8. The Boss’ Eyes Is On The Employees In The Bathroom Too:
  9. A Nursery Rhyme That Doesn’t Solve The Issue: Proper Job Allocation:
  10. No Overtime But Expects The Employee To Be Early:
  11. This Probably Cut Off Every Credible Youngster Looking For A Job:
  12. This Has To Be Illegal Somehow. Was probably an honest mistake, but something tells me, you should probably quit.

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  1. Since When Did Wendy’s Become Big Brother?
  2. When You Can’t Say “No”, Then This Is A Dictatorship And Not A Management:
  3. There’s No Need To Work For Someone Who Won’t Hear A Word About Wages. Quit!
  4. This Place Doesn’t Even Let Toilets Be Toilets:
  5. At Least Have The Decency To Give A Heads-Up:
  6. This Boss Does Not Look Fun To Work With:
  7. A Very Fruity Reward:
  8. The Picture Shows How You Should Keep Working While Sick. Time to quit? Maybe.

There you have it. What do you think? Would you quit after seeing these signs? ‘No one likes a quitter’ but in this case we wouldn’t blame you! Let us know in the comments what you think!