Alzheimer’s disease causes progressive damage to one’s brain cells. As a result, people diagnosed with the condition end up forgetting important people in their lives as well as memories. At times, it even puts their safety at risk.

Gigi is a 92-year-old woman with advanced dementia.
Because of her condition, her thinking skills are no longer as sharp as before. Even her memories are affected.

One day, Gigi managed to leave her house unnoticed.

She wandered around her neighborhood in Franklin Park, New Jersey. Eventually, the elderly woman got lost.

For someone diagnosed with dementia, being alone in public is dangerous.

There’s the risk of being hit by vehicles, running into bad guys, or getting hurt in other ways.

Fortunately, nothing bad happened to Gigi.

Wilmar, an Amazon driver, was around the area and noticed the woman. He quickly stopped to help her and realized the situation.

The kind man called Gigi’s granddaughter to let her know what happened.

Karen was away to pick her mom up from the doctor. However, as soon as she heard what happened, she quickly gave her address to Wilmar.

The Amazon driver went out of his way to make sure that Gigi was able to get back to her house.
Karen was able to see everything that happened through her doorbell camera. She saw Wilmar assisting Gigi out of the vehicle and held her hand as they walked towards the front door.

In the interview with Ring, Wilmar shared:

“I was delivering and I saw this older lady was walking by. She waved at me, which isn’t an odd occurrence, people wave at you all the time as an Amazon driver. But she was waving at me like something happened. I noticed how she had this wristband on. And it had her name and her information, as well as who to contact.”

Gigi’s granddaughter was extra thankful for what he did.

Thanks to his kindness and ability to think quickly, the senior was able to return home safely. If it wasn’t for him, something terrible might have happened to her.

Karen shared:
“I felt that Wilmar went above and beyond. We have that type of a great close-knit community here, that if there’s something that a driver’s going to spot, that’s out of line, he’s going to say, ‘I’m going to make sure that my customers are taken care of, because this doesn’t look right.”

The woman isn’t just living with one dementia patient. In addition to Gigi, her father is struggling with the same condition too. Because of that, Karen invested in gadgets that can help her in monitoring her home and loved ones.

Gigi’s family aren’t the only ones who expressed appreciation for what Wilmar did.

Even people on the internet were grateful for his actions. One YouTube user said:

“That driver should be commended. He was in the right place at the right time, but he easily could have kept on driving. This proves there are angels on earth.”