How would you react if a stranger were to walk up and snatch your child right before your eyes?
A lot of people would probably respond that they’d take off after the kidnapper, while also screaming and getting in touch with the police.

It’s easy to come up with the ideal response, but once the situation actually unfolds, there is a possibility for you to be so overcome with shock that you end up frozen in your spot.

That, or the adrenaline, anger, and other emotions might prompt you to act fast.

One eight-year-old girl knew she needed to act fast when a kidnapper grabbed her almost two-year-old baby brother.

The Wright siblings, Brenden (10), Delicia (8), and Owen (22 months old) were happily playing at the park near their babysitter’s house. Oblivious to their surroundings, the three didn’t realize they were being watched by a man who had an evil plan up his sleeve.

Like a nightmare come true, the stranger suddenly snatched little Owen and took off.

Delicia sprinted after the kidnapper and her baby brother, screaming. Behind her was Brenden, running fast with the stroller.

Thankfully, the racket got the attention of some teenagers nearby.
In an interview with Inside Edition, one of them reported,

“It really turned into blood-curdling screaming.”

“When you kind of pick up there’s a girl running behind him, he’s running down an alleyway with a kid – things don’t look right.”

Fortunately, during the chase, a call to 911 was made. There was also video footage of the chase from a surveillance camera outside a nearby grocery store.

Caught on film was the frightening moment the stranger dashed down the sidewalk holding the baby.

Because of Delicia’s screaming, the kidnapper realized too many eyes were already on him.

He ended up leaving the scared boy in a vacant lot before making his escape.
Thanks to Delicia, her baby brother was saved from further danger.

Personal safety expert Kathleen Baty applauds the actions of Delicia and Brenden.
She urges parents to train their kids to do the same.

“Using your voice. Using your words. Screaming, yelling, ‘Help!’ ‘Stranger danger!’ ‘This is not my father!’ Can be the real difference between life and death. Instilling your kids that when they are out in public that if some adult comes up to them they need to have that gut reaction and go the other way and yell and scream as loud as they can.”

The Wright siblings definitely know how to look out for each other!

Let this story inspires you to educate your loved ones on the importance of making a lot of noise in a frightening situation like this. The more attention that is drawn to the situation – the better the chances are.