I am the only grandchild for my grandparents. They love me very very much, and one of my favourite things is to visit my grandma, live with her for a few days and speak about everything.

She is a very wise woman and she gives very interesting answers to my childish questions.

I remember, one day, when I was only 11 years old, I went to have a weekend with my grandparents. I loved those days very much, because grandma gave me everything I wanted.

Later that day, when we were going to sleep, I heard how grandma was speaking to someone, though I was sure nobody was in that room.

When grandma stoped talking I asked her. “Grandma, what were you doing, there was nobody there, who were you speaking to?”. She smiled, put me on her knees and said “My dear Emily, I was speaking to our God, and saying thank you to him for everything I have”.

As I was a child, I didn’t understand why she did that and asked her “Grandma, you have what you have, and it is you and grandpa who made this, why should you say thank you to someone?”.

Grandma was a little bit shocked but she answered “Emily, you are right, me and grandpa made this, but you would not be able to do anything if God hadn’t given as our life. He is the one who gave us chances to make choices and do this or that during our lifes, and we must appreciate that and be thankful to our God”.

I started to understand what she was speaking about, and after that day I say thank you to our God every night before going to sleep.