My grandpa lives alone in our hometown. I am married and live in another city. I can’t go to visit him very often, I’m working. But I miss him very much. My grandfather is already old and doesn’t have the strength and energy he used to have. Recently it got even worse, and doctors told him to stay at home and don’t waste too much energy.

That day he called me and asked me to visit him with my child. I asked my husband to go on Friday evening and come back on Monday. We went there, I was so upset to see him sick and without his usual energy.

He was playing with my child and said to him: don’t be like your mother, always come to see your grandparents. They miss you a lot, they don’t show it. I listened to my grandfather’s words from the side and was terribly upset. I could barely hold back my tears. In fact, he was telling the truth, we should do everything to go and see our grandparents more often. I decided to talk with my husband to visit grandpa every weekend.