My boyfriend and me have been dating for several months and we love each other very much. He came to our house to meet my parents and then it was my turn to go to his house and to know his parents.

Later I went, at first everything was very good. Then my future mother-in-law said “Wait, I’ll bring the albums where you can see the pictures of my son when he was young”.

She brought it, we were looking at the pictures, when by chance I saw a picture that I had seen in the album of our house. Mama was with a woman. I was shocked, ”What did mama have to do with them?”

In the end, it turned out that it was my mother in the picture, and the woman next to her was my boyfriend’s mother. They were from the same course during their student years and were very close. After graduation, the connection was lost and they had no contact any more.

We were all amazed by this story, we were laughing because it was like a movie.