My father-in-law is a sick man and is under my care. The poor man coughs from morning to evening, he drinks the medicine, the cough subsides a little, and then the same thing happens again.

We are mostly alone at home, because my husband is at work, and my child is in the kindergarten most of the day, and I have complete control over him.

This morning, he had a spasm-like cough again, as if he was suffocating. He asked me for water, but instead of water I had tea infused with basil, it was already cold, so I gave it to him to drink. He didn’t want it at first, he fought with me, but then he drank it and I did well giving it to him, because I have heard a lot that tea with basil is very useful and helps cough.

I will give him the tea for several days in a row, it might relieve the cough a little.