My husband is a very balanced and calm person. I would never have thought that he could allow him excesses. We have been married for more than 15 years and we live in his grandmother’s house, which was given to us after marriage.

All the neighbours are my husband’s childhood friends and even now we are neighbours and friends as families.

A newly married couple came to live in our building, in the house right next to ours. Compared to us, they are little children. They work all day and we haven’t even gotten to know each other well, they go to work together in the morning and come back in the evening.

Something like that happened yesterday, I still remember it and it makes me crazy. There was no bread at home, I went down to the shop right under the building and when I came back and entered the house, the neighbor’s wife was sitting in our bedroom wearing my robe.

I was shocked and very angry. This poor woman saw me and started crying and told me that she went in to take a bath and then the gas boiler exploded. She ran away from the house half-naked out of fear and asked for help. My husband gave her my robe to wear until he went to their house to check the boiler.