My father-in-law is a very strict person, I have known their family since I was a child, because my husband’s sister is my girlfriend, and I know well what else they forbade her, that there was no logic in it. They didn’t allow us to wear shorts, tight pants, even if it was windy in the evening, if we wanted to go down to the yard, my father-in-law wouldn’t let us.

In short, it was very difficult to get along with him for both my mother-in-law, and my husband’s sister.

That day I was supposed to see my girlfriends, I was wearing a nice long shirt with open shoulders, I wanted to leave the house, my father-in-law said in a stern and annoyed tone, ”What are you wearing, go change your clothes, put on something normal and go out”. I was terribly surprised, because first of all, I have never been banned, and my husband does not mind at all. I answered him that my husband knew, he didn’t mind, I liked it too. I was not doing anything wrong, and I left the house. In the evening, I asked my husband to talk to his father and tell him not to make similar remarks to me.