My husband passed away many years ago when the children were small. I kept and raised them with great difficulty.

My eldest daughter’s wedding day came and I was so happy to see her in a white dress. My daughter said that she wanted to go to the graves on her wedding day, she said that she wanted papa to see her in that dress.

We did that, we went to the graves and what happened there, we were all amazed. When we arrived, we saw the lost brother of my husband in the graves, who was sitting hugging the grave. We were all petrified because we had not heard from him for many years and we all thought that he had passed away.

He saw us, hugged us and told us what he had been through and where he had been all these years.

We were all petrified, because as if this was a sign sent by my husband, that very day, we found his lost brother in the graves.