If they ask me, son or son-in-law, I will choose my son-in-law without thinking for a minute. Now you will say, what kind of mother would say such a thing, but no, listen to my story till the end, then you can judge me.

I was living with my son and daughter-in-law, one day I woke up and saw that my clothes were placed by the door. My son said, “We want to marry our son, but there is no free room, so we are taking you to a nursing home and will give your room to our son and his wife.”

I left sad, with tears in my eyes. I couldn’t look at him, I felt that it wasn’t his decision, but what could I do, I couldn’t disagree.

We were on the road when we saw my son-in-law’s car coming behind us very fast. He came, stopped my son’s car, said: get out of the car, dear mother-in-law, I will not let you be taken to a nursing home. He dropped me off, said a few words to my son, and took me to his house. Now I live in their house with my daughter’s family.