You never know what a new day will bring. These McDonald’s employees probably had no idea that during their shift at the fast food restaurant, they would be partaking in a life-changing event…

Three female employees heard a woman scream in the bathroom, and without thinking, they jumped in to help her…

The morning before Thanksgiving day seemed like a normal one to the employees at the Fulton Industrial Blvd McDonald’s in Atlanta. That is until they heard a woman screaming in the bathroom.

The pregnant woman who remained unidentified had entered the McDonald’s with her husband to grab something to eat. While she used the facilities, she realized her water had broken and she had gone into active labor. Upon realizing this she screamed which alerted her husband as well as the employees in the store.

A press release by McDonald’s about the events said, “Three employees rushed to her aid and ultimately delivered a healthy baby girl.”

The employees were Sha’querria Kaigler, Keisha Blue-Murray and Tunisia Woodward. The three women rushed to the woman’s aid immediately and assisted her during the birth of her child.

They not only helped calm her down but also helped her deliver her baby safely! This is no small feat and requires a lot of courage to help someone deliver a baby when you have no experience with something like that.

The owner of the McDonald’s Steve Akinboro, said “the epitome of a feel-good moment for my team.” Clearly, he has something to be proud of; female employees who go above and beyond for the patrons of his restaurant.

He made sure to award them with $250 gift cards each so they could enjoy their Thanksgiving dinners all the more! They clearly deserve to have a wonderful Thanksgiving break for the selfless act they enacted.

“These three local Atlanta employees are a fantastic example of our crew making a difference for our customers and local communities every day!” McDonald’s officials said.

While the mother and baby were not identified, they are reported to be both healthy.

We are sending warm wishes to the new-mom and her baby, as well as to the three female employees who stepped above and beyond in their duties to help a customer out.