We have been in a relationship for three years. Then we decided to get engaged. We were preparing for this ceremony for about 2 months.
The expected day came, we were happy and everything was going well. When the evening ceremony finished we went home.

The next day we decided to meet with our friends and to have a good time together.My fiance was making barbecue with his friends and he left his phone on the table near me.

Then notification that came and I saw on his phone changed my life. A girl sent him nude pictures. I was shocked and decided to take his phone and read all his chat with that girl.

That day was the worst day of my life. I realized that during the last year my fiance was communicating with another girl and spending time with her.

I called my fiance aside, took out the ring from my hand, put it in his palm and said: “You will put it on the finger of your mistress. That’s the end of us.” Then I ran away. After that incident he came to talk with me like 1000 times, but I had nothing to share with a man who had deceived me and had already become a stranger to me.