Yesterday after work I decided to take a walk for myself, I really like walking and drinking coffee after work. My husband never comes to walk with me, it’s not normal for him. He likes to sit down and start eating. The purpose of his life is to eat bread. Yesterday, when I left work, I went into the park and once my eyes fell on a familiar face, I started to look more closely because I was looking from a distance, I realized that it was my husband.

But the most terrible thing was that he was sitting and a girl was lying on him. You will not imagine what happened to me at that moment. My brain was clouded for a moment just fro, thinking that my man was enjoying his day in the park with his lover during the day. And he doesn’t care that one of his acquaintances can see everything. I thought I had already lost my husband, but I didn’t know.

I approached madly, shouted that he was a shameless person, and at that moment the man turned and looked at me in surprise. I thought I was crazy. You can’t imagine how he looked like my husband until I got closer and looked closely, I didn’t believe that he was not my husband. I apologized and quickly left.