I am a lonely woman. I have been alone all my life. That must have been my fate. I am not complaining. There are a lot of people like me. I had a good career, worked all my life and did good to everyone I could.

If you ask my neighbours, they will tell you that I am calm and confident that I have always done good. I got married when I was young, but it turned out I couldn’t have children and we divorced, my parents were ashamed.

I was their only daughter, and ironically I was left alone like that. But I’m not complaining, because I’ve lived a pretty good life, I’ve seen difficulties, but I overcame them with honor.

Now I’m pretty old, and I don’t want to die like that. I want to do something good again. I want to give my home to a worthy man. And a worthy man will be someone who is willing to meet the conditions I set. Here they are.

He must not touch my house. Living in this house, he must not repair it, must not change anything and must not rent it to anyone.
The next condition is that he must help the lonely old people living in the nursing home every month with half of what he earns.

And most importantly, the cats living in my house cannot be taken out of the house. The cats have always been with me and I have always kept kittens. I never kicked anyone out of the house.

Will keep my cats and take the best care of them.

And my final stipulation is that he must go to church every day and thank God for what he has.

I’m sure many will laugh and say that I won’t know what we did, whether we met the conditions or not. But believe me, I’ve already taken care of everything.