The situation has come up that we are leaving the country as a family.

We are selling our house very urgently, you could say we are giving it away because we are asking a very cheap price again.

The only thing left to do is to go and live. The only downside is that there are several families living in the same yard, one of which is ours. So much so that there is no separate access. When someone entered our house to take a bath, the water was turned off.

Yes, to enter our house, you have to go through the house next door. The neighbour’s house also goes through our house. Well, we’re relatives, we’re used to sleeping in, and someone walks by the house, goes to work early in the morning or comes in at night.

The design of the house is such that you can’t do it any other way. Then look at the pictures of the house and decide. price 190kys.