I was 35 years old when my husband went to work overseas and forgot about me. He left me alone and went. I was sure he wasn’t coming back. He stayed there and had another family a long time ago.

When I found that out, I knew I wasn’t going to wait for him.

I told my child everything. And from that day on, I considered myself a divorced woman. As the years passed, my children were already students. I also had a man in my life. I was sure that this time life would not surprise me.

He was a wonderful man, and the kids loved him too. We got married, were very happy for the first two years, until I found out that my so-called husband was in the same category.

His family has been in Italy for about 15 years and he can’t leave, so he stays here.

Fate dealt me a second blow, but I didn’t break down. I realized one thing: you don’t need a man by your side to feel happy and fulfilled.