I got married in 2020. Before we got married, my husband and I agreed to live with his family for 3-4 years, set aside a down payment on our mortgage, and have a baby a year before we moved into our apartment. It will be 2 years since we got married in August and I’ve been freaking out for 3 months now. The thing is, we haven’t collected anything yet. In short, the money went to my education, my husband and I started a print t-shirt business, went on vacation, and about six months paid off his parents’ loan.

At this point, we want to move and live in a rental with my husband and have a baby, but absolutely everyone is against it, including my husband. He and I make enough to feed us and our family, but he insists it will take at least 5 years to raise the money. I agree to these terms, I agree to endure, save money, the main thing is for us to move in and finally be a full family.

His parents and younger brothers are nice, but because of the desire to live separately I hate them. I began to be annoyed by their every move, I notice every detail, I take every word to heart. My husband says we have to wait another 2 years and then we will move.

My husband is tired of me, and I am tired of myself. I am ready to put up with everything, the main thing is that at the end we learned what a real family is. I want to give an ultimatum and set conditions, but have not yet worked up the courage to take such a serious step.

Against this background, I started having frequent headaches, I became very nervous and aggressive. I feel hysterical. It seems to me that I spoil everyone’s life. I also really want to have a baby, because I am already 26 years old.

Please advise me what to do. I can’t take it anymore.