I recently got married. But even before that, as a bride, I noticed a lot of attention to me from my father-in-law. I have to say that he is married. His wife is my husband’s stepmother. From day one, my father-in-law often complimented me. At the wedding, he got up to give a toast, and it turned out he was just saying what a beautiful daughter-in-law his son had.

Almost every day he asks me what I need for the house so he can buy what I need.
He often travels the world and asks me what to bring. I say I don’t need anything. But he can buy a gift of his own choosing and give it to me.

Recently it was my birthday. My husband got me a bouquet of roses. My father-in-law asked my husband what my favorite foods were. He prepared everything himself, without his wife’s input, called us to his house, gave us a large bouquet of flowers and a considerable amount of money.

If I do something ordinary during their visit, like clean the kitchen, he gives me a gift for it. But it’s enough to say “thank you.” If I’m not in the mood, he asks my husband what he can do to fix it. Once I noticed how he looked at my evening dress and thought I couldn’t see it.Now I don’t understand, is that normal?