Getting a glimpse into the personal life of a huge talent is rare. This collection of intimate clips brings us behind closed doors of one of the world’s most outstanding vocalist, Andrea Bocelli. Bocelli sings with his young daughter, expressing his love with patience, pride, and exuberance. This video offers a unique look into the interactions of a loving family, and one that has many exceptional talents.

Bocelli’s little daughter is a star in the making, and one day we’ll be able to say, we saw her before she was famous.
Andrea Bocelli and daughter’s duet melts hearts
Andrea Bocelli is an Italian singer who burst onto the scene after winning the 1994 Sanremo Music Festival garnishing the highest score ever recorded. He went on to become an international sensation, holding a mark on the zeitgeist of the world.

Celine Dion paid a huge compliment to Bocelli when she said,

“If God had a singing voice, it would sound a lot like Andrea Bocelli”.

A voice like Bocelli’s only comes along once in a lifetime, and it looks as though he’s passed that unearthly gene onto his children.

Andrea’s first daughter
In March of 2012, Bocelli welcomed his third child, daughter Virginia. Virginia is his first child with his wife Veronica Berti. He has two son’s Amos and Matteo, from his previous marriage.

From the looks of this video, Virginia is following in her father’s footsteps, and mom is right in there helping train her budding voice and stage presence. A musical great passing the torch to his daughter is quite a beautiful thing to experience.

The video kicks off with Virginia singing her brother’s part of the hit song that was made famous by her father and brother, Matteo. Fall on Me is a duet with Andrea and his son Matteo Boccelli, who is a popular singer in his own right. The song was written by the music duo A Great Big World and Bocelli’s duet is on the 2018 album, Sì.

Like father, like daughter.
Watching the video and seeing the different songs that Virginia performs, you might think that Karaoke is her passion. Virginia and her Karaoke machine are attached at the hip. It’s beautiful to watch her work on songs with her father expressing such joy, admiration, and encouragement. Her mother, Virginia is also Bocelli’s manager, so we might see a duet album and accompanying tour in the future.

The videos take place inside the walls of Bocelli’s homes.
Offering another step into the personal life of a superb talent and his family. The video could be captured, either in their home in the beautiful seaside commune of Forte dei Marmi or their second home in North Miami Beach.

“As much as I enjoy Andrea’s singing, sometimes watching him interact with his kids brings me more joy.”

“I love how involved her mother is. Lucky girl to have parents who are so encouraging and loving.”

“So much of love in this family! This is success. This is true prosperity.”

Click to watch the video below and see Bocelli’s wunderkind daughter sing her heart out, and you’ll be looking back years from now, and able to say, you knew her before she was famous.
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