The late great Johnny Cash is synonymous with that cool, laid-back, ride into the sunset attitude often associated with country stars.

The American singer, songwriter, musician, and actor’s music contained themes of sorrow, moral tribulation, and redemption, especially in the later stages of his career.

His rebellious style complimented by his deep, calm voice rang in the hearts of prison inmates, pro wrestlers, fighters, and truckers.
Rosanne Cash visibly moved her father singing his signature song
Men who fought their way through the world by going against the system.

Cash was born and raised in Arkansas before moving to Tennessee after serving in the army.

He learned to play the guitar and sing at a young age but it was around this time when he began playing with some friends.

He was an outlaw in his own way, always having the poor and the working class in his heart.

Cash was controversial for his time and that was what his fans loved about him.
In 1996, during a tribute show for an already aging Cash, his daughter Rosanne took the stage to pay tribute to her father.

As she was giving her speech, the camera moves to focus on Bill and Hillary Clinton.

“My father is a man of many paradoxes. He was raised on a farm and formed by hard manual labor and he merged a poet with a powerful resonant voice. He was brought up a Baptist and yet he has a soul of a mystic. He has lived a hard life, a tough life. And yet he has the beauty, sensitivity and elegance and children that is beyond compare.”

Rosanne continued by saying,

“As a song writer, he is profoundly original.”

Johnny once had America in his hand and it shows.
Rosanne was born in 1955 and clearly has her father’s passion for music.

She gives a truly heartfelt speech, one only a daughter could give for her father.

She has Johnny’s rebellious vibe in her eyes.

She brings “Walk the line” to life once again, this time breathing a feminine touch on her father’s hit.

You can see Johnny up there, emotional and full of love for his daughter.

Johnny’s health was in decline around this time but his heart beat stronger that night as his daughter serenaded him and his adoring fans.
“He wrote …”I walk the line” for his first wife….and his daughter from that marriage is singing!!”

Shared a viewer named Joesphine Tyree.

Johnny blows a kiss to Rosanne before she brings out Robert Duvall, Kris Kristofferson, Lyle Lovett, and Emmylou Harris for a song that Rosanne says, her father used to sing as a child in the cotton fields.

The Choral Arts Society flowed onto the stage in gold choir robes joining the stars for “I’ll fly away”, and even the audience began to sing along as Johnny held back tears along with Mr. Clinton.

The song ends on a high note as Rosanne and friends looked up at Johnny applauding her father along with the audience and musicians.

Johnny fought his age, standing and blowing another kiss for his daughter and his many fans.

The man in black stood proudly that night and even though he’s gone, his legacy lives on with the talented Rosanne Cash.

Watch this beautiful tribute to Johnny Cash below!
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