Firefighters are simply amazing people. And, they do a lot more than put out fires and assist with accidents.

One firefighter, named Mike Thawley, noticed a sick puppy tied up in the rain. Thawley knew he had to save her.

After cleaning the poor puppy up, he took her to Front Street Animal Shelter.

Dogs aren’t the happiest they can be when they’re cooped up in shelters. However, the day after Thawley dropped the puppy off, he went to visit her.

They named the puppy Chunkie.

When Thawley visited the shelter, Chunkie was so excited to see him. After visiting Chunkie, Thawley will be talking to his family about fostering her.

We love a happy ending! Watch the video to see how they interact with each other. It’s pretty clear she knows exactly who her rescuer is.