Weddings are a lot about love, but they’re also a lot about dancing. What’s a wedding without some good music and a few cha chas, right?
Some brides choose to do a first dance with their groom on their wedding day, but there are also father/daughter and mother/son dances too. In some cases, the entire bridal party gets up and dances—those are the best!

One of the best wedding dances we’ve seen is an Irish dance, thanks to the Hooley School of Irish Dance in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Dancers from the company put on the most amazing show for a woman named Gretchen’s big day.

In a viral video, there was an empty dance floor before the song “Shut Up and Dance” by Walk The Moon began to play. Right as the catchy tune commences, in comes two women moving their feet in such a way you didn’t even know could be moved! It’s truly captivating to watch.

A few moments later, two other girls dressed in the same black attire come and join them on stage. Then? Five more girls enter to join, all keeping in perfect sync with the others. As they continue to dance and move their feet in such a mesmerizing way, they’re clearly impressing the crowd—and Gretchen and her groom in the background—with their fancy footwork.

It’s hard to take your eyes off the crowd as they continue to dance such an awesome Irish jig. The best part is when the bride joins the dance crew at the end. She had kicked off her heels and rolled up her dress to perform the most awesome wedding dance among the others we’ve ever seen!

There are few things better than seeing a bride on her wedding day all dressed up performing such moves. The crowd couldn’t hold back—they though they were there for vows and cake, but got a super enchanting show, and clapped and cheered as loud as they could at the end.

See the whole dance in the video below!