In a restaurant, the man took his ailing father, who was very frail and very elderly. As he ate, pieces of food fell on his shirt and pants, and people looked at him in disgust.

When the dinner was over the son helped his father to get to the restroom.

It was a gloomy silence when they went to the restaurant hall after he had cleaned his father’s pants and shirt, helped him wash himself, combed his white hair with love, and helped him put on his glasses.

One of them at one of the tables shouted out indignantly about how he could behave like that in a public place, throwing food around and there and depriving others of appetite. The son called the waiter, paid the bill, and when they left, one of them shouted:

“You seem to have forgotten something.” The son looked around, patted his pockets and said. “No, we hadn’t left anything.”

Then the man shouted ” You left something for each and every person in the room. You left a lesson for every son and daughter and hope for every parent.” People in the hall suddenly fell silent.

All of them felt ashamed that he was criticizing their father and son, because taking care of our elderly parents is one of the greatest honors that destiny can bestow upon us.

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