Cole Hauser is a fantastic actor – and moreover, the Yellowstone star also seems to be a humble and kind guy offstage.

Perhaps that’s why it’s especially painful to see him going through a tough time right now.

Just a few days ago, the actor announced that he had said goodbye to his beloved mother.

Cole Hauser is currently grieving the loss of his mother, Cass Sperling Warner.

Last Thursday, the popular actor announced the tragic news via Instagram. There, Hauser, 48, posted a photo of himself and his mother together. The picture was taken on horseback when his mother visited during the filming of the immensely popular show Yellowstone.

”It is with a heavy heart that my mother. Cass Sperling Warner passed away at the age of 76. Her kindness, love, humor and amazing spirit will be missed by not only my family but the world,” Hauser wrote in the caption.

”You have touched so many. I know you will be up in the heavens sitting next to all the great humans that have passed through our earth. We will meet again. Bye for now,” he continued.

Cause of death

Further details, such as the cause and date of death, were not disclosed.

Cole’s mother was born into the acting and entertainment industry. And what other choice did she have? As the granddaughter of Henry Warner, co-founder of Warner Bros. Studios, her path was quite predetermined. Her upbringing was essentially an education in filmmaking.

Her father, Milton Sperling, was a writer/producer engaged in over 50 films, including the Oscar-nominated 1955 drama The Court-Martial Of Billy Mitchell and the 1958 film Marjorie Morningstar starring Gene Kelly and Natalie Wood.

Cass’ mother, Betty Warner Sheinbaum, was an artist and activist.

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Cass would later also establish her own production company, called Warner Sisters. Among other projects, she created a documentary about the Warner Brothers and their journey from poor immigrants to some of the world’s greatest filmmakers.

After the tragic news, Cole Hauser has received immense support from his family and colleagues in the industry. Even the Yellowstone production team sent their condolences.

”We’re so sorry for your loss, Cole. Sending love to you and your family,” the official Yellowstone Instagram page wrote in the comments.

Cole and Cass shared a close bond, like most mothers and sons do. Cass was incredibly proud of her son and would often post pictures of him from the Yellowstone series. When you scroll through her Instagram feed, you can truly see how much she cherished her children and all her grandchildren.

Right now, Hauser is awaiting the commencement of filming for the second part of the fifth and final season of Yellowstone. But on days like these, of course, work doesn’t matter.

We send all our strength and prayers to Cole and his family. Losing a family member is always incredibly tough!