nd Alex are an inter-abled couple.

Their relationship received a lot of negative comments, with people thinking Noah had a “disability fetish.”

They announced their pregnancy and were faced with more backlash.

Alex and Noah welcomed a beautiful, healthy baby girl.

Alex and Noah are a couple defying the odds and breaking boundaries through their love. Alex is a disabled woman with a rare disease called spinal muscular atrophy, which affects every aspect of her daily life.

The inter-abled couple met on Bumble’s dating site and got along from their first date. Over a year later, they were still going strong.

After seven months of dating, they announced they were expecting their first child together. However, Alex admitted that pregnancy has not been easy because she’s had to be off her treatment, which meant Noah became her full-time caretaker.

When she’s on her medication, she is more physically independent, but with clear boundaries, the couple found a good routine.

Looking at their early dating days, Alex and Noah confessed that their families were skeptical about their relationship.

Alex’s family did not immediately approve of Noah because of his history of drug abuse. He had been to rehab three times but believes the third time helped him get a grip on his condition.

On the other hand, Noah’s family struggled to wrap their head around him dating a disabled person, but the more Alex spent time around them, the more they warmed up to her.

Why Was the Couple Criticized?As much as both families have learned to support the couple, they still receive a lot of looks, “almost to a point where people break their necks,” said Noah.

The constant stares made Noah uncomfortable, while Alex was unbothered. She explained that living with a disability all her life, she had gotten her used to people giving her those looks.

Aside from the stare-downs they encountered in public, Alex and Noah’s relationship was always under scrutiny on social media. People believed Noah had a “disability fetish,” assuming his physical and sexual attraction to his girlfriend wasn’t real.

But more backlash came from their pregnancy announcement. During their interview with “Love Don’t Judge,” the couple shared footage of their reaction to their positive pregnancy test.

In the video, Alex had three positive tests lined up. At first, it was a mix of emotions for the mother-to-be since it was not planned.

Noah admitted that they were both excited and nervous. Part of the worry stemmed from Alex’s delivery. She explained that she would be intubated, which was risky for someone with her disease. However, Alex was confident that her medical team would ensure she delivered a healthy baby.

The couple also received gifts from their followers; one was a box of spinal muscular atrophy-friendly bottles, which meant they were light enough for Alex to hold and feed her child.

Alex already had a social media presence where she shared several parts of her life, so her pregnancy was exciting to share with her followers.

But leading to her first ultrasound appointment, the couple started receiving negative comments. Several people anticipated the scan and suspected the pregnancy was fake.

So, going for their first ultrasound scan felt like the couple needed to prove themselves to the world. These negative comments started flooding when one of their videos went viral.

Alex and Noah dressed up as construction workers for Halloween and held a sign that read “bump ahead.” Immediately, TikTok users bashed the couple, with some telling them to “abort the baby” because it “might have your disease,” read another comment.

The mother-to-be confessed it was the most hate she had ever received on social media, which was mentally exhausting. People asked what Alex would do if her boyfriend left her, and others blatantly said her pregnancy should be “illegal,” doubting her ability to care for her future child.

But whatever hate Alex and Noah received did not deter them from embracing their family. The couple remained excited for their next chapter as a family of three and wanted their love story to show the many different relationships that exist.

Just like any other couple, Alex and Noah made it clear that they are worthy of love and building a loving family together. So, to those that did not believe in them, Alex said, “We are not going anywhere.”

How Does the Couple’s Baby Look?Twenty-four hours before her baby was born, Alex gave her fans an update. She shared a heartwarming collage of her pregnancy journey and expressed how blessed she felt to have created life with the love of her life.

The social media personality also informed her fans that she would give an update once she was in her ICU room. As promised, Alex announced the arrival of their beautiful baby girl, Ari Jacqueline Smith, born on March 6, 2023, at 34 weeks and two days.

Holding her daughter for the first time was emotional and a feeling that Alex said was indescribable. She shared a video of Ari in her arms as she sat and took in the moment with her eyes closed. “I love this little human with my entire heart,” she expressed.

After spending three weeks in ICU, the mother shared another special video of her and Noah taking their child home for the first time.

The arrival of Ari was met with a lot of love from Instagram users. “She’s so perfect,” wrote a fan, and even more users thought the baby was beautiful.

Fans told Alex to enjoy the newborn phase because it goes by fast, and another congratulated her and told her a daughter was a mother’s best friend. But most of all, people could not stop praising Ari for how perfect and beautiful she was.

Since her daughter’s arrival, Alex has shared adorable pictures of Ari in her father’s arms and another cute moment of Ari and the dog bonding.

The couple celebrated their daughter’s first Easter with a family photoshoot. They dressed up Ari in a white dress and matching flower band around her head.

Alex wore a white dress as she posed with her daughter in her arms; Noah also kept the white theme as he carefully held Ari in his arm.