Prince William has become even more vital to the royal family than ever before. As his wife, Kate Middleton, and father, King Charles, both received cancer diagnosis and began treatment, he and Queen Camilla stepped up their efforts with their royal duties. After several weeks off with his and Kate’s children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, it’s time to return to business and continue royal life.

In a few weeks, Prince Harry is set to return to the UK for a special Invictus Games service at St. Paul’s Cathedral. Some experts argue that Harry and William could be having a meeting, but as Prince William no longer speaks with his brother and their last meeting ended up being a fiasco, it might be a bad idea.

At the same time, William is focusing on helping Kate Middleton as much as he can. He gave the public some minor updates after her abdominal surgery, but since Kate Middleton announced her cancer diagnosis, things have been rather quiet. Until now, as the future king breaks silence on social media.

Prince William has been at the center of the rift with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The future king and his brother have had a troubled relationship for many years, but things turned ugly as the Duke lashed out at the royal family, including Kate Middleton.

Prince William and Prince Harry’s feud

Kate Middleton wasn’t the only one receiving significant criticism in Harry’s book. In one passage, the Duke said Camilla would be cruel to him “like all the wicked stepmothers in storybooks.” Moreover, he bashed his father, King Charles, for not even hugging him after his mother, Princess Diana, had passed away.

There were many stories, and the royals didn’t have any of them. Prince William also received his fair share of criticism from his brother, and today, the two don’t speak at all. In fact, it is said that William doesn’t even want to be in the same room as his brother.

Shortly after Spare was released, a source told the Daily Mail that the situation had become a “toxic stalemate.”

“William has no intention whatsoever of apologizing and remains incandescent, especially around the way his wife, the Princess of Wales, has been treated. The relationship isn’t even rock bottom now — it’s nonexistent. And I just don’t see if Harry were to come to the coronation how William could even bring himself to look his brother in the face,” the source said.

The brothers’ relationship has been at rock bottom ever since. The two have only met a handful of times, but as of today, Prince William and Prince Harry are barely ever speaking to each other. As strange as it might sound, the recent, shocking events within the royal family could be a turning point; at least, that is what Harry is said to believe.

Harry, William
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When King Charles received his cancer diagnosis in January, the world was left in shock. At the same time, Kate Middleton underwent her planned abdominal surgery, and on March 22, she revealed she had cancer as well.

Prince William “would not allow” Harry to return to royal life

As soon as Harry found out about his father’s cancer diagnosis, he jetted to the UK to spend time with his father. The trip to his homeland was swift but, of course, it didn’t end without controversy.

At the time, Prince Harry was said to be open to a temporary return to the royal family to support his sick father. The two were said to have had several “warm exchanges” when Harry visited his father, and their meeting lasted about 30 minutes. However, that Harry could possibly return to royal life was not something William was having a bar of.

In mid-February, Prince William and King Charles reportedly held several private meetings at Sandringham in Norfolk. A source told the Mirror then that there was “no chance” the future king would allow Harry to ever return to royal life.

“Whatever has been discussed between William and the King is private, but it is absolutely and categorically clear that he [William] would not allow Harry to return. He thought it was a bad idea at the time and he’s even more clear now,” the source said.

As Prince Harry returned to the UK to briefly see his father, the royal expert stated that William had “got used to Harry being rude, unkind, and attacking his wife.”

So, how did Harry’s meeting with Charles go? According to a National Enquirer source, Harry left Camilla “outraged” after the meeting and even asked him to leave.

Camilla saw Harry’s visit to the UK to see his father as a “PR stunt.” The same went for Prince William, who was said to have been outraged over his brother’s visit, even though they didn’t meet.

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Harry attacked his family repeatedly in his book Spare. It all began with the Oprah interview, and one could argue that he “sold secrets” about his family for the millions of dollars he got for the book and their Netflix series.

Prince William wants Harry to apologize “for the years of rudeness and slurs”

Meanwhile, royal family members, including Prince William, decided not to speak out or comment on Harry’s outbursts about them. As of today, Prince William will talk to his brother when he gets a sincere apology, according to Ingrid Seward, editor-in-chief of Majesty Magazine.

“William would be upset that Harry yet again has chosen to make this visit to see his father a PR opportunity,” she told The Sun. “As far as William is concerned, he has absolutely no interest in speaking to Harry until Harry behaves like a gentleman and apologizes for the years of rudeness and slurs he has aimed at William and the Princess of Wales.”

“William must be privately furious thinking over all the years how he supported Harry, and at this one moment in his life when his 75-year-old father and wife of 13 years are both potentially seriously unwell, all Harry can think about is Harry and using it as an opportunity to announce his arrival and expect to see William.”

Ingrid Seward continued, saying that Harry “can’t resist” an opportunity to think about Harry and not the bigger picture.”

“It really stirs things up, him rushing over to see his father, and maybe he should have waited for a week or two,” the editor-in-chief of Majesty Magazine continued.

“William was an excellent big brother. They always fought. But he was a good big brother. William always thought about things long and hard before he acted and usually kept schtum, while Harry was always impulsive. And it still appears to be that way.”

After Kate Middleton underwent abdominal surgery in January, the information surrounding her health was kept private. Kensington Palace only gave the public a few updates on how she was doing, and royal family members stayed quiet. But not all of them.

Prince William ‘behind’ strategy of Kate health silence

Prince William gave the public some minor updates about his wife while he was on royal duty. He did not provide significant details, but royal fans learned some things.

In March, Kate Middleton finally broke the silence, revealing that she had been diagnosed with cancer. For the last couple of weeks, the Prince and Princess of Wales have spent time together at Anmer Hall as their children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis won’t return to school until April 17.

Many conspiracy theories, some more bizarre than others, surrounded Kate Middleton, and speculations about her health spread worldwide.

Even so, Kate decided to stay quiet, but according to one expert, another person had an essential role.

In an interview with GB News, author Alexander Larman argued that the conspiracies surrounding Kate Middleton showed that the world is “obsessed by the health of the royal family,” and “look to them so set an example.”

Moreover, Larman claimed that Kate stayed quiet because of Prince William.

“The trolls have carried on to this day. But one thing that’s very interesting is if you look at the difference between the responses,” the author said. “Buckingham Palace came forward very quickly and gave a fairly candid idea of what’s happening with Charles with his illness, and Kensington Palace didn’t.”

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“I think that’s because Prince William is much more into the vein of never complain, never explain, which was his great grandfather’s motto, and has always served the Royal Family well,” Alexander Larman continued.

Prince William breaks silence for the first time amid Kate’s cancer announcement

“But it doesn’t hold up in 2024 because you’ve got to allow the idea the information is going to get out into the public, whether you like it or not.”

Prince William has spent time with his family after Kate’s cancer announcement. Since then, the future king has stayed quiet – but on Wednesday, April 10, he broke silence.

Prince William took to their official Prince and Princess of Wales Twitter account to recognize English soccer player Rachel Daly for her “unforgettable” career as she retired from international duty with the England national team.

Meanwhile, Prince William joked that she would now have more time to focus on her club team, Aston Villa, which the future king is a well-known supporter of.

“Thank you for so many unforgettable performances with Lionesses, Rachel Daly. Plenty more goals for Villa now!” the post read, signed with “W” for William.

Prince William and his family members have long been big sports fans. He, alongside his wife and children, always visits the historical Wimbledon tennis tournament, and when there are big soccer matches in London, you can be sure to see William in the stands.

Meanwhile, as mentioned, the prince is a massive fan of the soccer team Aston Villa. They originate from Birmingham, which might be a surprise since William has yet to come close to having any particular connection to the city.

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So why is he a massive Aston Villa supporter?

“A long time ago at school, I got into football big time. All my friends were Chelsea or Manchester United fans, and I didn’t really want to follow the run-of-the-mill team,” Prince William once explained.

“I wanted to have a team that was more mid-table that could give me more emotional rollercoaster moments. Aston Villa has always had a great history.”

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