There has been a lot of talk about how the animals are treated in their enclosures at SeaWorld and other, similar locations. Sometimes, there may even be indications that the sea life that calls those locations home are not very happy with the situation.

This was seen in the case of one of the employees who worked with the orcas at the Orlando resort. Dawn Brancheau had worked with the animals for more than 15 years but things were about to take a bad turn.

It happened in March 2010, when a 12,000 pound killer whale, known on stage as Shamu grabbed the 40-year-old and pulled her underwater. Another woman was there at the time and she saw her in the mouth of the orca as it was swimming toward the viewing window.

In the investigation that followed her death, the bystander spoke out about what had happened. That investigation by the Occupational Safety And Health Administration later led to a ban on trainers entering the water with whales during the show.

The bystander, Susanne De Wit said they were told the killer whale was playing with the trainer. That is when she saw the orca grabbing the trainer by the shoulder and pulling her into the water near the window.

She went on to say: “It did not look normal. It was scary. He was very wild with the trainer still in the whale’s mouth. The whale’s tail was very wild in the water.

“The tour guide pulled us out and there was a full alarm. We then saw them throw a net into the water.”