Pets constantly amuse their owners. They misbehave, relax and sleep in funny poses and make comical facial expressions. People from all over the world are sharing uplifting photos of their pets online. And in this material we have collected several such pictures.

1.The dog is shocked by what he sees.

“Man, why did you put my friend in the washing machine?!”

2. Oh those ubiquitous cats

From the footprints it is clear that the cat did not accidentally climb onto the table and stepped on the dough, but deliberately walked on it.

3. Dressed in fashion.

“Master, I think I’m irresistible in this outfit! I especially like the hat.”

4. He should go to the photo booth.

He would get a lot of good burst shots.

5. Ready for Halloween.

“Man, are you sure this is the best outfit the store has ever had?”

6. Nerves passed already at the start.

It looks like it’s a race to the bottom. And the most arrogant one will win.

7. Owners clearly don’t mind their dog sleeping in the bed.

And even bed linen bought suitable.

8. Brazen cat: knows how to influence the owner.

“Either you give me a fish, man, and scratch behind my ear for at least five minutes, or I won’t budge.”