1. Of all the circus animals, elephants killed the most animal trainers.

2. An elephant consumes 230 kilograms of hay and 270 liters of water every day.

3. One ear of an adult African elephant weighs 85 kg. If an African elephant spreads his ears, then the distance between them will be equal to his height.

4. The growth of an elephant is easy to calculate from its footprint, the circumference of the footprint of the elephant’s front leg multiplied by two corresponds to the growth of the elephant to the shoulder.

5. In 1958, in Erwin, Tennessee, an elephant was tried and executed for murder.

6. The story that the elephant has 4 knees is not true – the elephant has 2 knees and 2 cubits.

7. The largest officially “registered” elephant weighed 12 tons.

8. Elephants are very fond of water, swim well, even at depth, and can fertilize several females at once in the water.

9. Elephants usually move at a speed of 2-6 km / h, but for a short time they can reach speeds of up to 35-40 km / h.

10. Elephants sleep standing up, gathered together in a dense group; only the cubs lie on their side on the ground.