It is known that animals perceive the world around us differently than we do. Let’s find out what is the vision of animals…

  • Cats distinguish between 6 primary colors and about 25 shades of grey. In addition, they have sharp twilight vision, so they can easily navigate in the dark.
  • According to scientists, dogs distinguish between yellow and blue colors, but perceive them differently than humans.
  • Horses have monocular vision. This means that they see two different images because their eyes are located on both sides of their heads. They distinguish between blue and green, and see well in the dark.
  • Almost all birds have sharp eyesight and distinguish colors. Pigeons have color vision, and it is sharper than human. Unlike us, these birds are able to notice the smallest details and cracks on a smooth surface.
  • Monkeys distinguish between red and green. According to scientists, nature endowed them with this ability so that they could distinguish ripe fruits from unripe ones. Studies have proven that the vision of monkeys is three times sharper than that of humans.
  • Dolphins see well not only under water, but also above the surface of the sea. When emerging, they instantly rebuild from one type of perception to another.
  • The eye of an octopus and a human bear a striking resemblance. These underwater inhabitants are very vigilant. It is worth noting that their eyes are very large, and make up 10% of the total body weight.
  • Bees distinguish between white, yellow, blue and ultraviolet colors. According to scientists, they are able to see through the petals of flowers, as we can through glass or cellophane. What appears to us to be monochromatic, the bees see in the ultraviolet spectrum, and therefore know where the nectar is.
  • Frogs can only see moving objects, such as insects. What is static, they do not notice.