According to sociologists, about 80% of pet owners perceive their pets as family members. Therefore, they want to visit restaurants, hairdressers and other establishments with them.

  • The services of beauty salons for animals are in great demand, and the demand for them is growing. It is not every groomer who is able to cut an animal well without causing him stress.
  • Another popular service is the tailoring and sale of clothing and furniture for animals. What kind of owner will save on his pet, if there is an opportunity to pamper him with a beautiful new thing? And if the pet’s coat quickly gets dirty or it freezes, you can’t do without clothes.
  • In Europe and the USA, there are special dog restaurants with separate rooms for animals. Visitors with pets go to such establishments to drink morning coffee or have a snack after work. Pets are not allowed in ordinary cafes.
  • When the owners need to go on a business trip or vacation, there is an option – a hotel for animals. The conditions must be impeccable: bright rooms, cleanliness, good ventilation, veterinary care, a place for walking.
  • It may seem strange to some, but some owners pamper their pets with spa treatments. Aromatherapy, massage and thalassotherapy with the use of special cosmetics are especially popular.In addition, there are also saunas for animals, where bath treatments, hairdressing services, veterinary examinations and delicious treats await pets.