Decorative rabbits are gaining popularity every year in the ranking of the best pets. Fluffy eared cats get along well in families with children, a separate advantage is that the wool of these babies does not cause allergies. Due to their small size, they are comfortable to keep even in the smallest apartments.

There is a misconception that rabbits spread an unpleasant odor, in fact, these four-legged animals are very clean by nature, with proper care they will not cause any difficulties.

Due to the rather high demand, many owners are thinking about breeding decorative rabbits.

This idea can become an additional source of income, or a successful business, however, you need to have some knowledge about the characteristics of the species.

Choosing a rabbit breed

First of all, you should choose a breed. Today, the most popular, having won the sympathy of thousands of people, are 4 groups of decorative rabbits (in each of these groups there are many breeds):

Squirrel. A very popular breed due to its high fertility. Some individuals reach reproductive age at 3 months. It is distinguished by a beautiful gray-blue color and an average weight of about four kilograms.

Lionhead. The bright appearance of rabbits immediately attracts the attention of different lengths of wool on the head and torso. It is reminiscent of a lion hairstyle, although on eared babies it looks more funny than scary. Pets have a very docile, playful character and weigh up to two kilograms.

Dwarf (lop-eared) ram. Shorthaired breed. Hanging ears add a special charm to the rabbit. Miniature pets, perfectly amenable to training.

Dwarf rex. Small pets, weighing up to 1.5 kg. Variety in color: black, brown and red. Absolutely not prone to aggression.

When choosing a pet, be guided by the size of your home and the amount of time you are willing to devote to your eared friend. The smaller the size of the rabbit, the easier it is to arrange a place for him and give him enough space. The fact is that four-legged pets need to move a lot, their health depends on maintaining physical activity. In the absence of regular runs, the pet falls into depression, refuses to eat, loses interest in reproducing offspring.

Short-haired breeds are easier to care for, but also require some effort from you. It is necessary to keep the rabbit aviary clean, regularly change the flooring, wash the feeder and drinker. Thanks to excellent learning ability, you can teach rabbits to relieve themselves in a cat litter box. In this case, you will not experience problems with an unpleasant odor.