The fact that cats are very emotional and vulnerable creatures is known to people who closely communicate with them. Do you know that a cat can even become seriously ill from worries and stress? Not much of a difference between humans and cats, if you look closely. Everyone is accustomed to perceive a cat as an animal that walks by itself, but this is not entirely true.

Whatever your furry pet, you should always remember that sudden problems in his behavior can be caused by stress.

Most often, stress is caused by the following external factors:

• the appearance of a new pet in the family;

• the appearance of a child;

• parting with a beloved family member;

• the owners leave the cat for overexposure;

• trip to the veterinarian;

• a trip in transport;

• arrival of guests;

• repairs or other activities involving fuss and loud noises;

• moving;

• loss of a home.

Stress can also be caused by internal problems.

Improving your pet’s environment is a one-stop solution to many problems, including minimizing the effects of stress, making your pet more emotionally stable, healthy, and happy.

Interactive toys, walls, cat towns, scratching posts, labyrinths, tunnels – simple devices diversify the life of pets, switch their attention, help maintain good physical shape and good mood.