General characteristics and birthplace of the breed

Sheltie is a small beautiful smart dog, which is also very hardworking. Affectionate not only with a loving owner, but with all people in general, even unfamiliar ones.

Previously, these dogs were wonderful helpers during the grazing of sheep, despite their small stature: they did not need to guard the flocks, but to control and manage them.

Country of origin – Shetland Islands

Average life expectancy – 12 – 13 years old

Height – 33 – 41 cm

The weight – 6.4 – 12 kg

The Sheltie is a representative of small breed dogs, elegant and strong. It has a beautiful symmetrical silhouette. The coat is long, straight and harsh. The undercoat is shorter, denser and softer. It has a very thick collar. The colors are quite diverse: sable, black with red-brown markings, silver-blue with marbling and black and white.

An affectionate dog with a mild temperament, understands his master at first sight and clearly demonstrates love. It has excellent intelligence, is easily trained and learns any commands. The Sheltie is inherent in the trait of vigilance, she will never let the owner offend.

Nutrition and care of the breed

A balanced diet plays an important role in maintaining the proper functioning of all body systems, so it is necessary that the dog receives the necessary dose of vitamins and minerals every day. High-quality holistic or super-premium feeds contain a dose of trace elements and nutrients developed by veterinary experts, which are preserved after processing of natural ingredients. For Shelties, you need to choose products that are appropriate for small breed dogs, so Bosch Mini Adult Poultry and Millet or Arden Grange Adult Dog Pork & Rice are perfect. You can also cook food for your pet yourself. The daily diet of Sheltie must include lean meat, offal, rice cereal, buckwheat and oatmeal, vegetables and dairy products. Pork and tubular bones should not be given to a pet.

Shelties need to be brushed daily to keep their thick, long hair from matting. These dogs need moderate daily exercise to keep fit and energize. In addition, given that in the past the breed performed the role of shepherds, Shelties love to “gather in groups” people, other pets, and in general everything that moves. It is necessary to train and teach elementary pet commands from an early age.