The aquarium in the house decorates interior and improves person’s emotional state. To keep it, you will need special equipment that will provide good conditions for the existence of fish and other inhabitants. In this article we will show you 5 important things you need to keep aquarium at home.

  • Filter.  The aquarium filter consists of a pump and a sponge that removes food residues and trash from the aquarium. Devices are external, which are installed outside the aquarium, and internal – with placement inside the aquarium.
  • Heater. Most fish are heat-loving inhabitants and for their comfortable living they need 27-28 ° C temperature. If your aquarium is not maintained that temperature you will need to bye heater.
  • Lighting. The light in the aquarium is necessary for having healthy fish and normal life of the plants. The number of lighting modules depends on the size of the aquarium and the types of plants that will be placed in it.
  • Compressor.  Compressors have one task to take atmospheric air from the room and supply it to the aquarium. They shouldn’t be in water, but installed above the water level in the aquarium so that water does not enter the compressor.
  • Ground and decorations. For the first aquarium, natural quartz soil is best. In an aquarium with goldfish, you can buy larger soil that they cannot swallow. If you plan to plant live plants in the aquarium, you need to lay an additional nutrient base under the soil.