Many parents are skeptical about their pets first meeting newborns. They fear that their sharp nails or teeth could damage the delicate skin of their babies. However, the opposite is often the case. Pets can be very gentle with newborn babies. They can be a real source of inspiration and teach children the most important things in life.

A pit bull named Nova was a puppy when he became a member of Kayla’s family. He was a loving, goofy, curious, playful, loyal and protective dog. Kayla and her husband also had another small dog named Teddy. Nova was also very gentle and affectionate with Teddy. However, Teddy was more shy and preferred to be alone than Nova.

However, Nova never left an opportunity to play with Teddy. The way Nova treated Teddy proved that he was full of love and compassion. This made Kayla realize that Nova would make a great big brother.

When Kayla was pregnant, Nova always stayed with her, facing her belly. He made sure to curl up in bed with Kayla, no matter the situation. He seemed to feel the baby in Kayla’s stomach. The pit bull’s behavior made Kyle think he was excited to meet his newborn.

When the baby was finally born and the couple returned home with a baby named Liliana, Nova was curious to see the newborn. At the same time, Kayla was also interested to see how he would behave with the baby. The new mother was glad that Nova did not disappoint her.

As they settled into the house, Nova’s eyes grew huge. He began sniffing the newborn almost immediately. The pit bull was very excited. However, at the same time, he also understood the need to be gentle and careful with the child. So whenever the baby cried, Nova would come up to her and find out what had happened.

Nova was very protective of Liliana and she also loved him very much. She always stroked him with her tiny little hands, and he loved to enjoy his head-scratching moments. Kayla was amazed at how her two dogs, Nova and Teddy, behaved like big brothers towards her daughter.