Parrots are known to be quite unusual birds. Smart, outgoing, and quick-witted, people have kept them as pets for a long time because of their unique nature.

A parrot named Vonnie is a gentle and loving soul. Vonnie’s owners, who take him around the house, love his calm demeanor and gentle manner.

Vonnie retained his playful personality until about age six, when he began to seem depressed when his owners left. So they had to work out a solution to make him happy.

Upon introducing the baby parrot to Schiela, Vonnie was immediately obsessed. Schiele was slow to accept Vonnie as her new brother and showed hesitation in play and communication.

This hesitation didn’t last forever, as Vonnie was finally able to pry Sheele out of her shell. They did not even want to be in separate rooms, as they began to do everything together.

Seeing the friendship between these two parrots develop is truly touching. Even with their strange behavior, parrots are very similar to people. They just want a companion to keep them company.  

Described as “a 3 to 5 year old child who never grows up” it is so delightful to see these parrots play and have fun. It’s almost like having two puppies with wings!