Rescuing birds and animals in danger is significant proof of your love for them. A similar case happened recently with Donna, her daughter Sabrina, and her son Christopher. The trio came across a baby Mejiro bird lying on the ground. The poor fellow had apparently fallen from a nest.

Upon searching around, Donna and her kids could not find the baby bird’s parents, whom they named Seamus. So they decided to take him along with them to their home. There they took great care of the baby bird.

Seamus soon grew up into a healthy Mejiro and soon made friends with the other birds in the house. Donna ran a forever home where she kept all types of rescued birds. She also grew butterflies at home.

When Seamus grew up into a healthy bird, he soon developed a particular liking for coffee. So whenever Donna had a cup of coffee in front of her, he would fly to the cup. He would try to open the lid to get in and taste the hot coffee.

Seamus also liked to take frequent dips in the water and pick pieces of ice in-between his beak. He wanted to have cereals whenever he got a chance. Since the family raised butterflies, Seamus would often join the beautiful insects and sugar water.

Seamus soon got quite popular amongst all the other rescued birds in the house. Macha, Latte, Kiwi, and Koko, with whom Seamus loved to spend some quality time. Donna and her two kids take good care of these birds.

Their love, care, and affection helped these birds lead healthy, safe, and happy life. According to Donna, They have learned a lot from their birds. One of the major lessons they learned was taking one step at a time.