A dog, later named Toby, was rescued from South Korea. The poor soul had to face the harsh reality of street life. However, a kind auto repair shop owner picked him up and took him to a shelter. Unfortunately, luck was not on his side yet.

There was no room in the shelter, and Toby had to spend the winter outside in the terribly cold weather. Soon, the shelter dog was rescued by Band For Animal, a rescue organization that helped needy dogs. He was flown to the U.S. The rescue organization assigned a foster family for Toby.

Ann Hoang always wanted a second dog. However, her husband was unsure if they could take responsibility for another pet. They already had their first dog, Charlie, to take care of. So instead of adopting, the Hoangs wanted to check if they could handle fostering.

If they could foster a dog, they would adopt a rescue dog. This was when they met Toby. At first, the foster animal was cautious of his new surroundings. However, gradually and with lots of love from his family, Toby got comfortable and started to show his real personality.

Soon, the foster dog instantly bonded with his dad. Even Charlie started to love him like his own kid. They were inseparable. Within a week, the dog had made everyone fall in love with him.

It broke the woman’s heart when she thought about how her family would be so sad when Toby got adopted. She knew Charlie would be crushed without him. Hence, she decided to adopt him. Ann contacted the shelter intending to adopt him officially.

Since adopting a dog required home inspection, she planned to surprise the husband with the staff. The team that visited their home pretended to be Toby’s potential adopters. However, the staff gave the foster dad a card, informing him that the Hoangs were adopting Toby. As soon as he opened the card and started reading it, he got emotional and started to cry hard. Everyone in the room had tears of joy.