Jani had no intention of adopting a second dog. Still, she came across Ivy, a Pitbull puppy’s picture on the animal services website. She instantly knew that she had to adopt her. The first Pitbull, Sookie, accepted Ivy immediately.

Jani thought that Sookie somehow knew that she needed her love. However, once Ivy broke out of her shell, things got chaotic for them. The siblings were complete opposites. Sookie was the quiet, calm, and collected type. However, Ivy strived to interrupt Sookie’s inner peace every single day.

The only thing that could make the siblings put their antics aside was the yummy snacks their mom prepared for them. The pets loved eating the treats, while the owner loved crocheting hats that matched.

Jani would take snaps of the dogs wearing really fashionable matching headwear. Some of the hats that she had made for them were watermelon hats, donut hats, broccoli hats & mushroom hats.

Ivy used to join the photo session a bit late & looked disheveled, but she never missed the delicious snacks. Although Jani found Sookie sleeping most of the time, the sisters absolutely enjoyed the company of each other.

The talented mom made a double smoothie and spicy pumpkin latte for her pets which was the holiday treat for the Pitbull sisters. However, their favorite was the dog-friendly pumpkin pie. The pumpkin pie that Jani prepared had healthy ingredients.

The two Pitbulls raptly waited for the pumpkin pie to be made. They wanted to relish it. The caring owner knew that her two Pitbulls were incredibly different. Still, she knew that’s what made their relationship so special. Ivy brought out Sookie’s playful side while Sookie let Ivy see that it was time to relax. At the end of the day, they saw each other as sisters.