Age doesn’t assess your abilities. It’s the vitality inside you that determines your quality of life and what you’re able to do with it.

At 96, Dick Van Dyke has the energy to bring the joy and share a happy song and dance with his wife Arlene Silver who is half his age at 50.
Van Dyke, famous for his roles in “Mary Poppins” and “The Dick Van Dyke Show,” recently busted a few moves and sang a duet with his wife in a new video for Silver’s band Arlene & the Vantastix featuring Tony Guerrero.
Day first performed “Everybody Loves a Lover,” with Frank DeWol & His Orchestra written by Robert Allen and Richard Adler, in 1958.

There have been lots of remakes over the years.
The video for Arlene & the Vantastix’s is bright and colorful with bold colors with fruit and flowered pattern on the walls and furniture.
We follow Silver as she walks over to her seated husband. Van Dyke sings a bit before the two slide across the floor and engage in some synchronistic smooth footwork along the way.

More than 888,000 people have viewed their duet of “Everybody Loves a Lover” on Silver’s YouTube channel.

“Kudos to this beautiful, loving couple with their beautiful voices, step work & vibe. What a great stylish video!” wrote one commenter.

“Spectacularly uplifting song and dance number. Thank you Mr & Mrs. Van Dyke for putting a smile in my heart this cold winter Michigan morning,” said another.