Don’t you believe there is something particularly precious about newborns and great grandparents? A great, great grandfather meets a baby girl only days before he passes away, and you don’t want to miss this wonderfully precious event.
In this video, Cadance’s great, great grandfather is introduced to and held by the family who recently had a baby girl they called Cadance. This film summarizes up our life path in a couple of seconds, showing how one person is about to leave this planet while another has their entire life ahead of her.

Because they were aware that her great, great grandfather’s time on earth was limited, Cadance’s parents were very anxious for her to meet him and for a film to be made so she could have it in the future. His parents noted that he had awoken after a prolonged period of slumber beneath the video. “First time she has met him,” they continued. When he awoke, he asked her to sit next to him. It had such value. I want her to have something to remember him by because we might not have him for very long.

She may be seen dozing off in his arms while admiring her great, great grandpa in this incredibly sweet video. In fact, the video received over 8,116,972 views since it is so adorable. Viewers gushed online as their hearts melted, with one writing, “Heart melting moment. Tears started to form in my eyes. “That is very awesome, two angels meeting on earth before one goes back to GOD,” a another viewer added. What a gorgeous, wrote another. ending with a fresh start.
This wonderful great-granddad crossed the threshold and into Jesus’ arms shortly after this was posted. We are incredibly grateful for the time he spent with Cadance, and we hope that she will find this video as meaningful as we do.