Drew Kohn is without a doubt a work of modern miracles. Doctors declared him brain dead after a terrible motorbike accident, listing a long list of activities he would never be able to perform again. However, Drew’s family clung to their religion. And this young man continues to surpass all of the doctor’s expectations every day!

A few days before his 23rd birthday, Drew Kohn was killed while riding his motorcycle after being struck by a car. Drew’s helmet and shoe were really knocked off by the force of the hit.

No one is anticipated to survive this kind of tragedy. But Drew’s nearly fatal motorbike accident was just the beginning of an amazing, miraculous modern-day narrative!

Only a few of the several severe wounds Drew sustained were a traumatic brain injury, two lung punctures, a shattered shoulder, and a crushed pelvis. Doctors had no hope for a recovery of any kind.

His mother, Yolanda Osborne Kohn, reported that “he was pronounced brain dead.” He had the appearance of death, smelt like death, and spoke like death. Drew Kohn was unable to perform even the most basic tasks as he remained in a coma for 244 days. The doctors predicted that he would never walk or talk again, even if by some chance he awoke.

Yolanda said, “We were informed that if he woke up, we shouldn’t expect any engagement in the world [as] we know it.

But Drew’s mother didn’t want to accept it. She leaned on me because every day was a struggle.