All dogs deserve to spend their last years in a loving, comfortable home, but unfortunately this is not always the case. Many older dogs
are left waiting in shelters because many people do not want to take older animals home.

But, fortunately, there are people who are willing to open their hearts to older dogs and give them a chance to live their best life in the
last months and years.

Zach Skow founded a dog shelter in California. One day they brought in Henry, a 16-year-old dog who had lived his entire life in a kennel.
The dog had been abandoned by its former owners because it was sick and had cancer.
«The dog was deaf and blind in one eye. He could barely walk,» Zach recalls.
At first, Zach thought the dog wouldn’t last two weeks. But as soon as he got enough sleep and ate enough food, he became much more
alert. Each day he felt more confident. After the operation to remove the tumor, the dog’s behavior changed greatly for the better.

The dog’s health soon improved so much that he was able to undergo an operation to remove the cancer. This operation was a success
and gave Zack a good chance of recovery.
Six weeks after the operation, Zack found Henry a permanent home. His family has taken him in. They are prepared for him to live a long
life, but they want him to spend the rest of his days in love and care. The new owners spoil the old dog with treats and often pet and
cuddle him.

They have also made a soft cot for him. He leaves this world happy, which is what we all wish for,» says Zack. — This dog has left a big
mark on our hearts. I’m sure he can make a new family better, too.»