There wasn’t a dry eye in the room. What a beautiful moment.
As the Little Prince once said, “what is essential is invisible to the eye.”
A couple took those words to heart with the bride taking extra steps to make her wedding a little bit more special.

Anthony and Kelly Anne Ferraro met back in 2017.
Just like any other couple, they both love to travel. But what sets them apart from others is that they experience the world through two vastly different perspectives.

Anthony was born blind.
He was diagnosed with a genetic condition called Lebers Congenital Amaurosis. Unlike us who see the world in colors and light, he “sees” the world through feeling, hearing, tasting, and smelling.
Bride goes viral for custom wedding dress that lets blind groom “see” her on their wedding day
“I started noticing when I traveled with her, life started to change in a big way for me,” Anthony told Insider.

“”I started seeing the world in a way I’ve never seen it. She would take the extra time to stop and slow down and take in every part of a landscape or a structure or something with me, and she would even close her eyes and try to feel it the way I would. And then, I would explain it to her, how I would see it, with my senses. She would fill in all the visual gaps for me and explain it in perfect detail.”

Sights and sounds are not the only things the couple shares.

In 2020, the two of them decided to share their lives with each other.
And while every bride is particular with the dress they’ll walk in, Kelly Anne had a very specific set of instructions.

She wanted her groom to “see” her on their wedding day.
For this request, Kelly Anne had to hunt for the perfect dress. The dress should be made of different fabrics that possess different sensations. Kelly Anne worked with Loulette Bridal in Brooklyn for this project.

“She has this whole vision for a tactile wedding dress with nice textures like velvet and silk,” Anthony said.

“She didn’t know exactly what she wanted, but she knew it had to be tactile and very different in that sense. And she tried on a bunch of dresses there. She said when she put that one on, she just started crying.”

The dress was made of velvet and silk.
It also features a delicate lace flower and an open back that contrasts the heavily textured fabric against her skin.

“I just started tearing up because I see with my hands — with all my other senses, but especially my touch,” Anthony said. “It blew me away.”

For Kelly Anne, it was not just about how she looked. It’s also about letting Anthony see her on their most special day as a couple.

Their preparations even extended to their venue as well.

They made the area accessible and safer for Anthony to navigate. Bubble wraps and flowers were wrapped around tent poles so he wouldn’t hit his head.

They even gave out eye masks to their guests.
This allowed them to experience the wedding just like how Anthony experiences it.

It was a truly magical moment for a couple, especially for Anthony who sees the world differently. Through his wife Kelly Anne, his wedding day became unforgettable.

As the Little Prince once said, “what is essential is invisible to the eye.” Sometimes, it’s wrapped in velvet and lace.