Keanu Reeves’ latest audition at a NYC airport baggage claim carousel almost went unnoticed.

But thanks to a boy who approached the actor and “interrogated” him for the role of lifetime, we can confirm what we all know is true: Keanu is an absolute unit of a gentleman!

The Canadian actor was traveling on a flight from London to New York City on July 4th when a young fan approached Mr. Ted “Neo” John Wick at the baggy-go-round with some pertinent talking points.

While most celebrities are quick to grab their designer gear and vamoose out the door before the paparazzo start snapping pics, Keanu was more than happy to hang around and chat with the excited young man.

Thanks to TV producer Andrew Kimmel, who tweeted the entire conversation, we have proof that Keanu is a complete natural when it comes to fielding off-the-cuff questions about important topics.

When the unnamed boy wanted to know why the actor was in London (he was filming a documentary) and if he drives racing cars (nope, motorcycles are his road jam), Keanu answered the rapid-fire questions as quickly as they were asked.

Keanu has famously graced the big screen as Ted ‘Theodore’ Logan, Neo, and John Wick, but no matter which flick you catch him in, his real-life character as the all-around nice guy is the #1 fan favorite.

When the inquisitive young man accidentally pronounced the ‘x’ in Grand Prix, Keanu didn’t flinch or pull a Karen and correct him. Instead, he just repeated the word back to him in his very best French accent.
Wondering what Keanu was doing in New York, the boy continued to quiz the actor about where and how long he’d be staying in town.

After the questions started to dry up, Keanu turned the tables on the young Walter Cronkite and cast the kid in the 20-questions spotlight!
Keanu grilled the boy with hard-nosed questions like, “Why were you in Europe?” and “What galleries did you go to in Paris?”

Andrew, who had been watching from the sidelines this entire time, went on to say that Keanu “could not have been nicer.”

However, one avid fan pointed out that the interaction between Keanu and the unnamed boy was eerily reminiscent of the 25-second long “consecutive questions” scene in “Uncle Buck.”

It turns out this duo’s sweet banter may actually be an off-script dupe for a long-forgotten John Candy + Macaulay Culkin film!
In the film, a very young Macaulay rapidly fires off a series of questions at the late comedian John Candy, who answers them as quickly as Mac can mouth them. John then flips the script and asks the pre-Home Alone actor pointed questions of his own.

It’s the same playbook, just a different set actors and 33 years later.

After all the talking was done, Andrew couldn’t resist stepping in and asking for a photo with Keanu.

Because fanboys never grow old!
And apparently, neither does Keanu. He’s still one handsome unit of a gentleman.